Wednesday, June 11, 2014

End of School, Beginning of Summer

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I got up at 7 am to go to school for the last time here in Modica. While I can't say I'm extremely sad that it's summer (if I did what kind of teenager would I be?), I can say I'm sad to leave my wonderful class that helped me through so much this year! We got out of school at 10 o'clock after two hours of cake and relaxing, and I was then thoroughly doused with water by my friends (some sort of end of school tradition) then immediately went to my friend Lia's house with about 20 others to relax by the pool for the next 7 hours. A great way to kick off the summer. Here are some photos!
at my little sister's first communion
our big lunch after the mass

greek theater 50th anniversary @ syracuse

The Libation Bearers

pt. 2

so many people

The Eumenides

last day of school selfie
the best class!
the best desk mate I could've ever asked for
the other american exchange student and me :) 

in the pooooool

post swim


 I'm going to try to post every week during the summer so keep checking for updates!

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