Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just Checking In!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update and a thank you.

First of all, my application is coming along well! I am just finishing up writing my letter to my host family, and am figuring out transcripts with my school. Hopefully (cross your fingers), I'll be able to send in my finished application by Christmas break!

And in other news, the Viaggio Italiano scholarship has become available to apply for! To get this $2,000 scholarship, I have to answer a writing prompt in the form of a small essay and send it in. I'm hoping that I'll win this scholarship because it would make a huge dent in my tuition. If you're interested in looking at the prompt click here!

Again, thank you!
Amore sempre,

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  1. Hi Maeve,
    It took us a little while to respond to your request because of the holiday rush. But, we're very excited about this opportunity for you! Good luck with the scholarship application. We hope you get it! Praying all the details come together for you, Maeve.
    Love, Aunt Nancy & the BG Maus